The Top 6 Best Ways How To Get Electricity When Camping/Overlanding In A Roof Tent - UK Edition

How To Get Electricity When Camping

Having electricity when you’re camping/overlanding can help enhance your experience in a number of ways, such as giving you the ability to refrigerate your food, helping you keep warm at night or simply allowing you to keep your favourite electronic gadgets charged. That’s why we’ve tried to summarise the best ways (in no particular order) for you to get electricity while camping below!


How To Get Electricity When Camping

1. Campsite Power (£30 - £60)

If you’re camping on a campsite that has electric hook up points, then the most obvious option to use is this. These types of pitches will usually come with a slightly higher cost, but for the sheer convenience that they bring, they’re usually worth it.

You can use the products below to enable you to use the campsite hook up points and power all your favourite electronic accessories!

Crusader V762

Crusader V893

Outwell Mensa


How To Get Electricity When Camping

2. Portable Power Stations (£130 - £500)

If you like to camp more off grid, then portable power stations are a great way to keep you powered up. They’re basically giant power banks that you can charge up before your trip and will often last the duration of your holiday if you’re only going away for a few days. They come with a variety of power sockets with USB ports, UK pin plug sockets, USB types C ports, 12V ports and various others depending on which model you buy. As a general rule, 100WH of power should be able to charge your phone about 10 times and a laptop twice, so take this into consideration when deciding which one is best for you and your power needs!

Please be aware that lots of these will come from China though, so expect a longer delivery time when ordering:

Beaudens 166WH Portable Power Station

AllPowers 372WH Portable Power Station

PowerOak 500WH Portable Power Station

Maplins 150WH Portable Power Station


How To Get Electricity When Camping

3. Solar Panel Kits (£100 - £200)

If you’re looking to be completely self-sufficient with your energy needs without having to rely on getting electricity or fuel from elsewhere, then solar panel kits might be a good option for you!

You could use these to directly power the electrical device you’re using or you could charge your portable power station with the solar panels, so you can use that energy later! Before you do this though, please make sure you check the maximum watt power input of your portable power station.

Here are some examples of solar panel kits for you to check out!:

AllPowers 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

AllPowers 60W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Dokio 200W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Dokio 80W Foldable Solar Panel Kit


How To Get Electricity When Camping

4. Petrol Powered Electricity Generators (£220 - £600)

If you’re not as concerned about having renewable energy and would find it easier to get petrol than electricity on your travels, then getting a petrol powered electricity generator might be a good option for you!

Simply fill the tank up with petrol and power virtually any electrical device you may have! One tank of fuel should last 6-12 hours of continual running time, depending on the model and what is plugged into them and they all have a variety of different power sockets to suit your power needs!

Here are some examples of petrol electricity generators for you to have a look at:

Bohmer-AG W5500i Camo Petrol Generator

Bohmer-AG WX5000K-E Petrol Generator

Bohmer-AG W4500i Petrol Generator

Bohmer-AG 6500W-E Petrol Generator


How To Get Electricity When Camping

5. 12 Volt Leisure/Car Battery (£0 - £70)

If you’re only looking at powering 12 volt electronics and appliances, then you could just use your car battery for your electricity. This is especially relevant if you drive an electric vehicle, as you'll have plenty of power to go at! 

If you’re worried about your car battery draining due to the amount of electronics you’re using, then you could get a separate 12 volt leisure battery such as these:

Bosch S4 Car Battery

Varta Blue Dynamic C22 Car Battery


How To Get Electricity When Camping

6. Power Banks (£15 - £35)

If you’re only really looking at charging your mobile phone, camera or tablet and don’t require very much power, then having a standard power bank may be your best bet!

We’ve tried to give you an idea of how many charges you can expect to get out of our favourite power banks below:

Anker Astro E1 Power Bank - Fully recharge a mobile phone 1 - 2 times.

Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Power Bank - Fully recharge a mobile phone 2 - 4 times and a tablet once.

PowerAdd Pilot X7 Power Bank - Fully recharge a mobile phone 5 - 8 times and a tablet twice.

Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh Power Bank - Fully recharge a mobile phone 5 - 8 times and a tablet twice.


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