Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent
Hard Shell Roof Tent

Hard Shell Roof Tent

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If you would like a demonstration of how to install, open and close your RoofBunk, then please visit our How To Install Your RoofBunk Hard Shell Roof Tent page.

If you would like to see some examples of our past customer's RoofBunk roof top tent setups to get some inspiration or if you're simply curious if someone else with your vehicle has ever bought one, then please head over to our Customer Photos section!

Check out the What Our Customers Are Saying page for both RoofBunk reviews and social media posts our customers have made about their RoofBunks!

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Weatherproof Canvas Material And Structure

The RoofBunk has our high quality 280gsm poly-cotton blend ripstop canvas material on its walls, making it completely weatherproof.

It can comfortably handle winds of up to 40mph when opened and the unique blend of polyurethane we apply to it gives it a waterproof rating of 3000mm. This makes it 3 times as waterproof as a regular ground tent and able to handle even the worst rain storms with no problem!

The combination of our thick canvas material and the structure of our roof tent makes it both quieter and warmer in cold and stormy conditions, meaning a better night’s sleep for you whatever the weather!

The material has been treated with agents to make it UV resistant, so it should be protected from being faded by the sun too.

We've also made sure the material used on our tent is breathable to prevent condensation and dampness, so there's no need to worry about waking up to a cold and wet mattress in the morning like you would if the material was poorly ventilated.

Strong And Streamlined Shell

Our shell structure is a special mixture of ABS material reinforced with a fibreglass coating.

It’s designed to be strong, but also light enough to make it easier to lift and install on your car roof.

It will keep you warm at night due to the shell leaking less heat than canvas material alternatives. The thin layer of insulation on the roof should help keep it quieter when it rains too and the low aerodynamic design of the shell also means there’s both less noise while driving and it will save you money on fuel as an added bonus!

Opens And Closes In Seconds

Our roof top tent is able to be set up and packed away in a matter of seconds with its stainless steel gas strut system. You can also keep your bedding inside when it's down too- perfect if you're on the move frequently when travelling!

Fits Any Vehicle

You should be able to fit a RoofBunk hard shell on any vehicle's roof as long as you're able to keep the roof bars between 70cm and 120cm apart, as this will sufficiently spread the load weight evenly. We recommend having them 85cm away from each other in order to spread the weight best though.

We suggest getting roof bars that are rated to hold at least 70kg of weight and are ideally through bars in design too, as these allow more overhang on the sides.

You'll also need to check your vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity is over 70kg too, which can be found in your vehicle’s user manual or after searching for the information online.

Extra Large

The RoofBunk hard shell roof tent has an extra large and tall roof tent design, allowing space for taller people to sit up when needed and a more comfortable sleep.

The interior is about as wide as a standard sized double bed at 137cm (4ft 6), long enough to sleep someone who is about 6ft 10 inches tall (208cm) and has a high enough ceiling for the tallest people you know to sit up in at 98cm high (3ft 3).

Light And Strong

Our roof tent has been designed to be both sturdy and light at 65kg (143lb), making it easier to lift on and off your car.

This also means it costs you less in fuel from having less weight on top of your vehicle and makes it easier to find suitable roof bars to hold the weight if you don’t already have them.

Added Design Features

There are also added features to help make our roof tent stand out, such as the seams being sealed with waterproof silicone tape to both keep the heat in and make it leakproof.

The high quality waterproof zips that we’ve used should also prevent leaks and last for years without breaking.

Every door and window on the RoofBunk has zippable mosquito nets on them to keep any bugs out, while still ensuring good airflow.

Plus the flaps that we’ve added on the bottom of the tent should prevent leaks from happening as the water will flow off the tent, rather than accumulate and seep through at the bottom like with other hard shell designs.

Extra Accessories

Your RoofBunk comes with a high quality aluminium telescopic ladder that can extend up to 230cm (7ft 7 inches) to allow easy access into the doors.

You get a comfortable 7cm (3 inch) mattress that will allow you to have a pleasant and comfortable night's sleep. The mattress can also be removed for easy washing or you can put your own custom sized mattress in it instead for even more comfort if you wish!

Plus you get all the fittings and everything you’ll need to install your RoofBunk, lots of extra storage accessories for shoes, phones ect and 4 door porch poles are included too if you'd prefer this to rolling up the RoofBunk's doors!


With your RoofBunk, you'll get a 2 year warranty with it free of charge!

There's also an option to pay to increase this warranty by up to 5 extra years, so you'll have 7 years in total, which you can find here: RoofBunk 1 Year Warranty Extension.