The Top 3 Best Ways How To Find Free Wild Camping Spots (UK Edition)

How To Find Free Wild Camping Spots In The UK

So you've got your camper or roof tent and now you're looking for somewhere to go camping in them for free? Well that's where this article should come in handy!

Our goal is to make this your go to place for finding the best wild camping spots in the UK and all over the world! Please contact us if you know of any other resources that might be useful to people and we'll be happy to add them.


Wild Camping Apps

1. Apps

There are a number of apps that should help you find your perfect spot. The majority of these below rely on their community to list and review places they find, so they'll differ from app to app.

Our advice would be to download all the free ones, so you can see a wider range of places and possibly get Park4Night for the low fee it charges because it's highly recommended by our community!:







Searchforsites (search for free pitches)

WikiCamps UK (search for free pitches)

Eurocampings (search for free pitches)


Wild Camping Facebook Groups

2. Facebook Groups

There a number of Facebook groups that you can use to find free or wild camping spots. We've listed all the ones we could find that are active, which we've defined as having more than 3 posts a day.

If you join them all and post where you want to go and see if the replies are any good, you can begin to filter down which ones you prefer and take it from there. You can also use the "Search This Group" function on them to see if anyone else has posted a good location spot for the area you want to go too.

These are groups for wild camping with a campervan or roof tent in the UK:

UK Camper Van - Wild Camping - Over Night Stays UK

UK Motorhome & Campervan Wild Camping & Overnight Parking (Now Inc. Sites!)

Wild Camp For Vans UK

UK Pubs With Camping And Motorhome Stopovers

Scottish Motorhome Campervan Adventures

Real Scottish Motorhome Wildcampers

Scotland Campervan Wild Camping

Roof Top Tent Camping Spots In Scotland


UK Pub Stopovers For Motorhomes & Campervans

These groups aren’t quite as specialised to the UK, so you may be able to find camping spots in the rest of Europe when in a camper or roof tent in these:

Campervan Overnight Parking

Overlanding Europe

Free Camping UK And Europe

Traveling And Camping In Europe

These groups are focussed mostly on wild camping spots when you have a tent, but there are still some that are suitable for campervans and roof top tents. They're also mostly targeted towards finding UK spots only:

Wild Camping UK

Bushcraft And Wild Camping UK

Camping In The Wild

Wild Camping UK

Wild UK Camping

Camping Wild UK

Peak District Wild Camping

Wild Camping In Scotland

These groups are good for finding places to stop if you’re planning on doing a trip on the scenic Scotland NC500 route:

NC 500 Wild, Pub & Site Stops


NC500 - Accommodation, Sights And Tips

North Coast 500, Stop Overs, Views, Secret Routes


Roof Tent Wild Camping Websites

3. Websites

There are also various websites- both paid and free that you can use to find wild camping spots. We've listed the ones we know about below:

Motorhome Wildcamping - Top Aires

Motorhome Wildcamping - Wild Camping UK

Motorhome Wildcamping - Pub Stopovers

Nearly Wild Camping

Brit Stops + Brit Stops Private Facebook Group




Off Grid Camp


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