Our ambassador programme is where fans of RoofBunk can get rewarded for spreading the word on our brand!

How It Works:

People That Own A RoofBunk

RoofBunk owners can apply to become an ambassador by emailing us on

Approved ambassadors will get a unique coupon code and/or affiliate link in order to track potential sales, which they can share online or in person.

If ambassadors refer a RoofBunk sale to us, they will be rewarded with an 8% commission of the total order value, which is around £150 per Roamer sale and £100 per Explorer sale.

You're welcome to either keep all of this for yourself or share it out with your friends. Whichever works best for everybody!

People That Don't Own A RoofBunk

If you would like to promote us, but don't own a RoofBunk, then you can still sign up and get a coupon code and/or affiliate link to track everything.

The only difference is that the commission will be 5% of the total order value instead, which averages out as about £100 per Roamer sale and £60 per Explorer sale.

We just ask that you have some sort of a following/platform before being accepted for this option!