Financing Options

If you would like to split the payments into smaller monthly sums to make things more affordable for you or if you need extra credit, then you can do so by using PayPal Credit at checkout after signing up with them and applying for credit on their website.

PayPal Credit offer 0% APR when you pay over 4 months andย have options to let you split it further for a higher APR if needed. Going through PayPal shouldn't affect your credit score too if this is important to you.

Simply apply forย PayPal Credit on their website and select to pay via PayPal at checkout when you get to the payment stage of buying from us.

If PayPal Credit have a limit on how much credit you can get, then we'll be happy to arrange a split payment option, where you pay part of the amount using PayPal Credit and the remaining balance by either cash or bank transfer. Please contact us before if this is what you'd like to do though and we'll send over our details!

The other financing option to these is to obviously apply for a loan at a bank and split the cost into affordable monthly repayments that way. You should be able to get approved with most banks quite easily as long as your credit score is average.