How It Works

Step 1: Find Roof Bars

You can get roof bars for 99.9% of vehicles, even if it looks like they won't be able to fit on. You can also get roof racks for some vehicles.
Below are the 6 roof types, all of which can have roof bars fitted to them:
6 Vehicle Roof Types For Roof Bars
Once you can see which type of roof you have, head over to Halfords and you should be able to find some bars!
Please make sure they're rated to hold at least 50kg for the Explorer or 65kg for the Roamer and are ideally through bars in design, as these allow more overhang on the sides.
Also check that you're able to keep the roof bars 70cm-120cm apart for the Roamer and 50cm-120cm for the Explorer, as this will sufficiently spread the load weight evenly.
If you're still struggling, simply email over your vehicle's reg plate and we'll find the perfect roof bars for you!

Step 2: Check Vehicle's Suitability

You'll also need to check your vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity is over 50kg for the Explorer or 65kg for the Roamer, which can be found in your vehicle’s user manual or after searching for the information online. We also recommend checking this Online Vehicle User Manual Directory.
The reason for the vehicle roof weight limits is usually to do with how the extra weight on top affects the centre of gravity of the vehicle when going round corners, rather than the body structure being unable to support the weight.
If all this sounds daunting, then please email over your vehicle's reg plate and we'll do the research for you!
A quick note: Lots of people get confused how these vehicle roof and roof bar capacity limits are enough to hold the RoofBunk with people inside them. The reason is because these are dynamic (moving) weight limits, rather than static (stationary/still) weight limits. The static weight limits are about 5-8 times what are listed here because there are fewer forces acting on the RoofBunk compared to when it's moving, like driving, braking, cornering ect.

Step 3: Install Your RoofBunk

Next, simply follow the instructions in our installation videos below and you should be ready to start your adventures!:

How To Install Your RoofBunk Explorer Soft Shell Roof Tent

How To Install Your RoofBunk Roamer Hard Shell Roof Tent