8 Reasons Why Roof Top Tents Are So Popular

Why Roof Top Tents Are So Popular

If you’re wondering why roof tents are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to camp, then hopefully this will give you more of an idea! 

1. Faster To Set Up And Pack Away Than Tents

Normal ground tents can take quite a while to set up as they often have inner tents as well as outer tents to put up. Then obviously you've got to pack them away too- not too pleasant when you’re doing it on a dark and rainy night! Good roof top tents typically only take around 30 seconds to open up and only slightly longer to close, so you can imagine the time and effort you’re saving with them!

2. Cheaper Than Caravans, Campervans And Motorhomes

Roof tents are typically cheaper than caravans, campervans and certainly motorhomes both when you first buy them and from not having the same ongoing costs that you would have with these alternatives. You would often need to pay for a storage facility to keep all of these. Plus you’d have to get additional van insurance with campervans and motorhomes, so both of these will cost you money even when you’re not using them! Also on top of these expenses you have the extra breakdown, repair and renovation costs you often need with campervans and motorhomes. These can especially add up on the older campers you can buy as they’re often not the most reliable of vehicles and need lots of renovating before they’re good enough to hit the road with!

3. More Places To Camp

You have the freedom to camp in more places with roof tents as unlike with tents you don’t need a large, flat, dry, soft surface to get set up. The need for such a specific type of conditions with a tent often restricts you to fewer of the free/wild camping locations on offer. Caravans/large motorhomes are often caught out by the amount of space needed for them here, so you’re usually restricted to just staying at campsites with them.

4. Flood Proof

Because roof tents are up high on top of your vehicle, there’s no chance of getting flooded in the night after a heavy downpour like with a normal tent. So if you’re planning on going anywhere with unpredictable weather, these might just save you a very wet trip to the dry cleaners!

5. Better Views

The elevated position of roof tents being on top of your vehicle means that the views are much better than if you were down in a tent/campervan. You also get 360 degree views with roof tents that have two doors and two windows too, which makes the scenery look just that much more beautiful!

6. Extra Vehicle Storage Space

With roof top tents you get extra vehicle storage space for your belongings than with tents because you can put your things in the roof tent when it’s closed too. This comes in especially handy when you want to quickly pack up and leave your bedding in the tent as it makes it so much faster and easier to do!

7. Stronger And More Durable Than Tents

Good roof tents generally have more durable material on the canvas than tents and the hard shell roof tent designs have a stronger structure to them, meaning it’s both leakproof and quieter inside the roof tent when it’s windy and raining, which all leads to a better night’s sleep for you!

8. Warmer Than Tents

The thicker canvas material and hard ABS/fibreglass shell that good roof top tents have over regular tents also means that heat doesn’t escape as easily, so it should stay nice and toasty for you at night. This should come in especially handy if you plan on going anywhere during the Winter as we all know the nights can get very chilly at this time of the year!


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