Roof Top Tent Or Pop Top Campervan/Camper Roof? - A Side By Side Comparison

Roof Tent VS Pop Top Camper Roof

Lots of our customers are in the process of converting their van into a camper and want to add some extra sleeping to it. The main options they have for this is to either get a pop top campervan roof installed or put a roof tent on top instead. We’ll go through the pros and cons of both here!


Roof Tent Vs Pop Top Camper Roof

Roof Top Tent Advantages:

1. Cost Less

Roof top tents are cheaper than pop top roofs by a good margin. Pop top camper roofs cost between £2,000 - £5,000 ($3,000 - $7,000 or €2,500 - €6,000) for the materials and the installation, which will depend on the size of your van and the quality of the build you want. Roof top tents cost between £850 - £3,300 ($900 - $4,000 or €900 - €3,500), so you’re certainly making a good saving by going with a roof tent.

2. More Sleeping Space

Roof tents usually have higher roofs than pop top roof sleeping spaces, so you can sit up, get up and move around in general much easier in them. They are also often larger in both width and length, giving you extra space to sleep and chill out during your travels!

3. Can Be Moved To Other Vehicles

You can use roof tents on other vehicles if you want to change campers in the future ect. You can also take them off if you don’t plan on camping/travelling for a while (such as in the Winter) and store them in your garage on their side, vertically or positioned in any way that suits your storage space.


Roof Tent VS Pop Top Camper Roof

Pop Top Campervan/Camper Roof Advantages:

1. Stand Up In The Van

The extra headroom you get with pop top camper roofs means you can stand up in your van, which can come in extra handy if you want to cook at a hob or just fancy a stretch! However as said before, you get less headroom when you’re in the actual sleeping area and you could always attach an annex awning to a roof tent or get a van awning tent to bring you similar benefits with more room!

2. Get Into Bed From The Inside The Van

You don’t have to get out of your camper to get into bed with pop top roofs, which could come in handy on colder Winter nights! However, getting an annex awning fitted onto your roof tent should help reduce this problem and it will also only be chilly for a few seconds if you climb the ladder extra fast!



So to conclude, we’d say both are about equal as solutions with both bringing different pros and cons to the table. However, because roof top tents are so much cheaper, we’d say they are a better option overall due to offering more value for money!


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