RoofBunk Explorer Annex Awning

Explorer Soft Shell Roof Tent Annex Awning

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This is an annex awning for the RoofBunk Explorer soft shell roof tent.

You can adjust the height of these to be 10cm shorter if needed, so the sizes are 200cm - 210cm for the longer one and 160cm - 170cm for the shorter one.

It's made of a high quality ripstop 600D Oxford polyester material, which should make it hold up well in all weather conditions and fully covers your ladders, so you won't get wet when getting in and out of the Explorer.

It also has a ground sheet that zips onto it to keep your feet dry and is made of 1200D/680g heavy duty PVC, so it's very durable.

You can create even more space for yourself if you’d like too by propping the 3 doors up with tent poles to create a canopy to sit under and there’s another door next to your vehicle, allowing you to access it without getting wet!

Perfect if you want more space and privacy on your roof tent camping trips!

The set up process in short involves putting the ground sheet down, sliding the annex awning into the kador channel on the roof tent, zipping the awning onto the RoofBunk canopy, zipping the annex onto the ground sheet, then pegging it down at the corners. We have a full installation video tutorial here if you'd like to see exactly how it works though: How To Install Your RoofBunk Explorer Soft Shell Roof Tent Annex Awning.

Included is:

Short Version - 1 x 160cm - 170cm Tall x 260cm Long x 260cm Wide Annex Awning For The RoofBunk Explorer Soft Shell Roof Tent

Long Version - 1 x 200cm - 210cm Tall x 260cm Long x 260cm Wide Annex Awning For The RoofBunk Explorer Soft Shell Roof Tent

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