RoofBunk Roamer Side Canopy Awning

Roamer Hard Shell Roof Tent Side Canopy Awning

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This is a side canopy awning for the RoofBunk Roamer hard shell roof tent.

The canopy awning is 1.9m wide x 2m long when extended out, giving you plenty of extra living space and protection from the weather!

It only takes a minute to set up and is made of high quality black 420D Oxford polyester material, which has a waterproof rating of 5000mm and is UV protected too.

It allows you to keep in the shade on hot days and stay extra dry on rainy days because the canopy covers the ladders, so you can get in/out of your Roamer without getting wet!

The canopy awning attaches onto the side of your RoofBunk Roamer shell via an awning channel, which is included with the kit, along with VHB tape to attach it on easily and securely.

It's suitable for all vehicles that are up to 2.2m in height, which means pretty much only high top vans aren't able to have this.

You can adjust the length of the back poles to the height of your vehicle with the roof tent on top (max height 3m) and the length of the front poles can also be adjusted (max height 2.1m) for more protection from the sun/rain if needed. Plus, they can be staked into the ground with the included pole spike stands to give the canopy awning more stability in windy conditions.

It also comes with 6 pegs, 6 guy ropes, 2 pole spike stands and 2 awning rail stoppers to give it further stability in less than ideal conditions!

It only takes about a minute to set up and take down, but the set up process in short involves sliding the canopy awning through the awning rails, putting all the poles up, then securing them in place with guy roles. We have a full installation and opening/closing video tutorial here if you'd like to see exactly how it works though: How To Install, Open & Close Your RoofBunk Roamer Side Canopy Awning.

Included is:

1 x 1.9m Wide x 2m Long When Extended Out Side Canopy Awning For The RoofBunk Roamer Hard Shell Roof Tent

2 x 3m Long Adjustable Tent Poles

2 x 2.1m Long Adjustable Tent Poles

6 x Guy Ropes

6 x Tent Pegs

2 x Pole Spike Stands

2 x Awning Rail Stoppers

2 x Alcohol Rub Sachets

1 x 1.95m Long Awning Channel

1 x 1.95m Long 3M VHB Tape

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